Day 1 - Forenoon

EPICS in IEEE LUMEN gloriously completed the first half of day 1 of the final project implementation in the offline mode at Muvattupuzha. The delegates were trained in cutting and welding in the forenoon session of the day. The enclosure for placing the power conditioning unit and battery was completed on time.

Day 1 - Afternoon

LUMEN successfully completed the afternoon assignment on day 1. On this day, the team got hands-on experience in the making of battery enclosures and street light clamps through welding, grinding and painting! Thank you Prof. Gayathri Manikutty Ma'am for being one of us throughout! We witnessed the passionate team members gathering for a great mission of spreading the light.

Day 1 - Night

After completing the enclosure, the delegates were sent to their respective hostels with respective wardens, Prof. Gayathri Manikutty for the ladies' hostel and Prof.Abhijith R for the men's hostel. With 15 delegates, each of the hostel rooms was an area for brainstorming ideas for the next day's challenges. With all the ventures wrapped up, the crew was ready for the next day's assignment.

Day 2 - Forenoon

Day 2 began with gathering ideas from the brainstorming session the past night. The objective was to optimise the whole plan to minimize the number of cuts through the concrete. The 33 Membered crew was divided into 6 teams who were employed to be in charge of the first 6 poles. The team was supposed to wire and mount the lamp after painting the pole. On successful completion, the team was assigned to the next pole.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Though rainfall slowed down the process, the blaze in the volunteers was dominating the raindrops. It was great to comment that the lady volunteers including Prof. Gayathri Manikutty took part in etching the concrete road with heavy tools for wiring. The wiring, painting and mounting of lamps were complete at this point and it was ready to power up!

Day 2 - Evening

Battery packs were designed parallelly in the workshop. The Power Supply Unit and Battery Management System underwent testing and were found functioning flawlessly under load conditions. The Solar Panels were then mounted upon the Roof, and the Controllers were mounted near the custom-made enclosure.

Day 2 - Night

10:10 P.M : Moment of Glory! The Street lights were successfully lighted up for the first time in the presence of the whole residents of the Colony along with the lady volunteers and Er. Anson Varghese and Mrs Soumya Francis (Ward No.5 Member, Avoli Gramapanchayath) joined the moment virtually. The enthusiasm of all the volunteers turned into luminance to illumine the next day's inauguration.

Day 3 - Inaugration

The hybrid Inaugration was scheduled from 10:30 A.M at Avoli Gramapanchayath Office Hall on 24th July 2022. The dice witnessed a potent panel of representatives from the IEEE Kerala Section and Avoli Local Self Government. The LUMEN Street Light Project was officially inaugurated by Dr Mini Ulnath (Chair, IEEE Kerala Section) with Shri. Ullas Thomas (District Panchayath President). After felicitation from Prof. Muhammed Kasim, Prof. MV Rajesh, the Ward Members and the representatives from the Panchayath, Soumya Francis (Ward No.5 Member, Avoli Gramapanchayath) and Er. Abhinav Rajeev (Project Lead, LUMEN) shared their heartfelt acknowledgement to the team and the residents of Mangalath Colony for their service and support for LUMEN.